Wall Family

The Wall family (Tripp, Meagan, Brantley and Nugget) - or as I like to call them, Georgia peaches - hail from our neighbor state. They've lived here in South Florida for a few years, but will be heading back to their stomping grounds this summer. But before they leave, they wanted to remember a piece of Miami in one of their favorite family spots - Key Biscayne.

I have to say, I had such a wonderful time capturing the Walls. They are kind-hearted and fun-loving with strong family values. And their little two-year-old, Brantley was a dream! His smile with dimples will make all the girls blush! And his "brother" Nugget was so tame...he didn't even bark! I hope you adore some of my favorite moments of the Wall family. ~faith & glory

Kaleena Thompson