Katy // pretty in pleated pink and lace

Happy 2018, friends! I'm so excited for what this year has in store - shooting at new places and meeting new people!

My first shoot of the year was with the lovely Katy Mospanyuk. Her blog, Classy Heart Style, is a visual diary of her love for modest and classy fashion. Gorgeous with a heart of gold, Katy uses her platform to share her faith, life with hubby, travels and more. And I love how she doesn't conform to the standards often seen in the blogger world. She's a new kind of blogger on the block!

For this shoot, she wore a long flowy pleated pink skirt and white lace top. I mean, if she wasn't a goddess already...! She looked radiant. And to top if off, the side of The Fresh Market building provided the most garden-esque ethereal backdrop, so we just decided to use it.

Enjoy a few snaps from this look. ~faith & glory


Kaleena Thompson